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Rate the avatar of the poster above you

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Well of course, but its more fun if you do it huh? *pokepoke.*

I was thinking making my own, but decided on hte cute kitten instead..

And what fun is putting it in my siggy? ^_^ I like the signature at the end of my lines, its how everyone knows its me and not an imposter that stole my account. *coughs*siblings*coughs*


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The most common typo I get is "teh", but that happens to everyone (except EvilNeko that types "hte").


Back on topic...

usedHonda... 8/10 because I love Hondas, and actually used or not they last so damn long... I think my father's Odyssey (<--not sure how it's written?) is older than me (I'm 13) and it still dosn't have the least little bit of that red thingy all old cars are covered of! The car itself is probly in better shape than I am (that felt strange, comparing myself to an old honda...).


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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Pretty good 8/10.

Now, the question that will leave you puzzled for the rest of the day...

Which avatar is better? A or B?



I've had many people tell me to fix up those 'dints' in A. and saturate the red more, but I'm not sure if it looks better...

Vote away :P

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