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Rate the avatar of the poster above you

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Alright- Here's my ratings... (sorry about the decimals. I rate things to the exact)

Yeta gets an 8.5/10. Pretty nice how you added that plaid background to the orb

usedHONDA, you get a 9/10 I like how you made it look vista-y, athough I don't get the "Hammer Time!" thing...

LionHearted looks like a photo, but I looks good anyway. might be neat if it matched your sig. 7.8/10

I like down's. 9/10

Extra, looks cool (although I don't know what it is...) 8.8/10

Spike, nice orb. 8/10

Hey! Check this out>>> [my site]

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Extra, looks cool (although I don't know what it is...) 8.8/10

It is a bit abstract, but the background is blue fire, while the foreground is chrome and a red crystal of some kind.

And as I said before, your avatar is very nice 9.935292837/10

(I like t be exact too :P )

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This is the first avatar I ever made. 100% paint.net. It was pretty easy, though. I used dents on Madjik's high-tech wallpaper tutorial, messed with the layer properties, and added that neon-button border.

EDIT: Is my sig too big? The rules say 500x150, which it is, but for some reason it looks larger than that...hmmm... :?:




I am a disco dancer. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+

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@ncfan51: I like the avatar. It's simple, but quite pleasing to they eye. 8/10.

And your sig is exactly 500x150. No worries. It maybe seems big 'cause a lot of ours are still 500x100, which was the limit until quite recently.

edit: yata you beat me by 2 whole minutes! i knew i shouldnt have gone downstairs when the microwave beeped...


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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