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Rate the avatar of the poster above you

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Since neither of you have an avatar, I'll rate wolfbane's. I like the texture, and the unique design. If only I could read the text...

It merits about an 8/10. Good job!



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nice use of S3d. the string needs a bit of work, and so does the text (is the dice supposed to be fuzzy? if so...) 7/10. TPBM rate nonames.


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7.5/10. A bit :AntiAliasingOff: but other than that the style of it is sort of anime which is really cool. So nice work.

well.. its :AntiAliasingOff: beacuse it was origanaly made in ms paint 2vsp0zq.jpg

Well, if it was MS Paint very nice work! :D Boosted rating.. 8.5/10? :P

As for JJgunz, it's okay, that kind of animation is cool, sure, but not original. So maybe 6.5/10. Sorry.

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I am going to be hard on you...it looks like a deformed hair comb to me, and its pink...5/10. I hate to be harsh but i just don't like it.

Edit, no its not pink. 7/10. I always do this, i always mess it up and give a higher score.


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