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Rate the avatar of the poster above you

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While a good attempt, the effects you've done on your avatar are more appropriate for a larger image. In that size, the color is faded, the picture is too busy, and you don't get a sense of what the player is feeling or even doing. The style looks great in your sig, but not so much in your avatar.



Do not click the picture above. It will take you to my site, and I don't need the anxiety.

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Is it an eye?

Yup, done using uhh...Ash, I think...'s eye tut. The other stuff came from the way I do nebulae (which that idea came from Crimson Dark's creator's photoshop tut for nebulae) It's an eye looking into the sky :P (oooh, metaphorical)

Anyways, that's not for this topic

Sweet avy, I love the display-case style stuff. I tried making a few, but they generally require pluigins that are memory-intensive, and I only have 256 megs of ram. :evil: :shock: :evil: :(



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