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Rate the avatar of the poster above you


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Down, yours is original, I give it 7/10. I like the minimalist approach.

usedHONDA, I rate yours 8/10. I would give it 9/10 if you replaced the words "Hammer Time" with a picture of a clock.

JELP, yours is only missing Q*Bert himself.

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Heh, i was going to make this thread in like a day when i make my new avatar.

ps. I know my avatar sucks. I would give it like a 4/10.

BoltBait: 8/10

JELP: 7/10 (it reminds me of a game on my calculator)

usedHONDA: 8/10

Extra: 9/10

Firefly: 8/10 (its a cool background, but i dont really like the animation)

rainshadow: 8/10

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Well, Rainshadow, your avatar isn't all that funny to me and without the humor it's nothing so 5//10.

My new avatar is based on my sig of the same style. I think it's ok - better than my others at least.

EDIT: Looking at my sig in the forums -- it looks terrible!!! Oh well, you can decide that for yourselves.

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