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Erroneous "Clipboard doesn't contain an image" mes

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This Paint.NET error is received when I attempt to paste an image after having copied it from Word 2003. It happens when the copied image is surrouded by drawing handles, as in


The image is definitely on the clipboard because it can be pasted directly into other applications, such as Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Expression Web, an email composed with Outlook or Thuderbird, etc.

It does NOT happen when the image is not surrounded by drawing handles, as in


At first I thought this was a problem with clipart but it happens with any image of any type if surrounded by drawing handles.

Word 2003 (11.8125.8122) SP2

Paint.NET 3.05.2643.30703

The problem is repeatable.


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I will not call it a "bug". It's just that those different applications don't interact bw each other very well.

What I think it happens is Word and Paint.NET (in reality the .NET Framework do this I think) don't write the same type of thing in the clipboard.

It's like Word give an apple and Paint.NET expect an orange, PdN will say "nothing in the clipboard" to say "no oranges" even if there is an apple in it.

Hope this helps.

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