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How can i do this?

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Are you refering to making only one object color and the rest black and white?

If so, you might want to look at some of the tutorials already on the board. Familiarize yourself with all of them. They have pretty descriptive titles, but, for those that don't, you can easily get a sense of what the author is showing you, within the first couple of sentences.

The reason I state that is because, this effect does already have a tutorial entitled "Pleasentville Effect".


It was a method used on a fairly good movie called Pleasantville.

Hope this is what you are looking for


When in doubt, Try it out.


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I love freeware.

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Please post in the correct section of the forum. At the top of the Tutorials board, it is clearly stated that that section is for tutorial publishing ONLY.

Moved to Questions & General Discussion

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