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I want to make my own free website but I have a little problem...

I have written the beginings of it in HTML but I can't find a website host that allows the use of CSS, JAVA and HTML.

So far I have tried:

  1. [*:3a5f7]50 Megs
    [*:3a5f7] and
    [*:3a5f7]Google Pages

If anyone has any suggestions that they have tried, or heard good things about, could you please help me out here

Thanks, FireFly

P.S. The site link below is for the terrible 50 Megs site. I couldn't get to work and didn't do much with Google Pages once I discovered they weren't fully compatible with CSS and JAVA

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Hmmm... I'm still going to try

EDIT: Arrrrggghhhh! It's the same as

Can you help me make the homepage the index.html I wrote?

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Um, CSS, and Javascript are browser languages NOT, Serverside.

The server may not allow you to use the .css or .js extentions, or any other "include" functions for that matter, but, you can still use CSS or Javascript within the HTML document.

Just don't do externals and you should be fine. Java Apletts on the other hand are a total different story, I know they are not allowed.

You may also want to try They have feee hosting as well as a lot of other stuff, I am not sure what all they support, but they have a lot of free tools there.

Who is your web hosting company? Many componies such as SWbell, and RoadRunner, as well as AOL, provide you with some free space which usually allows you some flexibility. Just go to your ISP's main site and look for hosting links there.


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Alleluia!!! I finally got all of my CSS, HTML and JavaScript to work! I am so grateful.

sagedavis, your suggestion of was the one I got to work. I'm so relieved and happy.

Thank you to all of the Paint.NET community, FireFly

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