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KB reduction

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Someone can correct me if I am wrong, and I certainly won't mind at all if I am corrected.

There are a number of ways that I can think of to reduce the KB of an image.

When you go to "file > Save As" and you try to save your image as a jpg (or a gif for that matter), an "image quality" wizard comes up.

By sliding the slider to a lower number than 100 you will be changing the quality of the image, thus, changing the KB.

As you slide this bar, look under the preview of your image, and you will see the predicted KB size of your image after you save with that particular quality.

Another option you have is to simply resize your image so that it is smaller. Smaller actual image size = smaller file size.

There is no way to reduce the file size (KB) without somehow altering the image quality, or image size, although in many cases, SLIGHTLY lowering the quality, will not show much of a visual difference.

Hope this helps


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