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.ico saved in bad size (smaller)

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I am having some small bug when i want to save an image as .ico file type. I want to have Big .ico file for my vista Desktop icon for a mediaplayer. Some how when I save as max size 256 X 256 it seem not to be a 256 X 256 but I feel like it is more 48 X 48 or a little biger may with a big square arround.

See the screen shot to see what I mean:

Here is the Image file that is used to create ico :


and here is how it look when i save as .ico as u see compare to Paint.Net ico it is very small :( else the image used to make is realy bug enough to have big icon.

How it look when it is small sized :


How it looks when i changed Desktop icon size to bigerup, all icon big up well except the one i create with paint.Net :( there is larger square that apear arround the icon and also quality seem to be so bad else image used is not that bad quality :(


Thanks a lot for all your help :)

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Tried this the best I can so should work, however I don't have Vista only XP.

Try this plugin...


...and save your image with all the boxes ticked when saving, you'll know what I mean when you see it.

Hope it works and helps.

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