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Skybox help...

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OK, I'm stuck trying to make a skybox for freeworld3d. I need to take an image and turn it into a cube (bottom not needed) to view from the inside. it should be a panoramic image (360 degrees) so it looks realistic, but any picture will work as a demo. I've tried several times, but all my pics come out looking stupid. it has to be saved as 6 diff images, one for each side. if anyone knows how to do this, i'd love it if you could show me how. i've had a lot of trouble with the damned thing. thanks . ( a good link would be helpful if you dont want to type something out)

if anyone needs more of an explanation, i'd be happy to give it.

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there are no issues.... i'm using the latest version (i forget the #)

it just that i'm having trouble creating the 6 (or 5 images if you dont do ground) that represent the sky.

my question was "does anyone know how to turn a panoramic image into a cube with the images on the inside" thats what i need. Freeworlds isnt the issue, the images are.

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