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Noob question [shame on me]...

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Hi there,

today I've downloaded and tried Paint.Net for the first time. Probably poor but just after some minutes I have an issue that's almost awkward to talk about:

To get used to the tools of Paint.Net and learn something about the programs features I followed some tutorial to "make a software box". After importing the "flattened side image" I wasn't able to position it aside the front image. Using the (automatically selected) upper move tool ("move selected pixels") just lets me move a shiny blue rectangle (same result with the other move tool). The imported image stays where it was imported to. Do I (and if - how?) have to confirm the move?

I've already googled and searched this and other forum(s) - but didn't find an answer yet :cry:

Thanks in advance...


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@ Crazy Man Dan:

Thanks a lot! You've been right - quite right at least :) :

Importing a (which I understood as ONE) layer from file really meant that a Paint.Net image with 8 (eight!) layers was imported and all of the 8 layers where still there separately (not merged). So after merging them I was able to move the picture.

Thanks again...


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