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soft brushes?

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is there a way to get soft brushes? like the edges of the brush are not hard lines, but rather soft. kind of like they gradiate out from the middle?

its hard to explain, if you dont understand ill try to explain further.

sorrry, if this is a noob question.

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No, not at this moment.

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The feather plugin:


And if that doesn't work, just use the eraser.


While using the eraser, lower the Transparency/Alpha on the primary color [in the colors window] down to something like 4.

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with the feather plug in, its not the same. this seems to make paint.net more of a picture editing program than a picture creation program. for instance, in photoshop, you can draw with hard brushes and soft brushes. and for most people it is crucial to use both. and they are used so much there is a shortcut key to soften and harden the edges. while you are drawing.

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If your going to be blunt, I'll be happy to explain as to why.

Paint.NET is coded by 2 programmers with busy lives and a lot of things on their minds (This being Rick Brewster and Tom Jackson).

You have to take into consideration the fact Paint.NET is updated extremely often, regardless that time is hard to find.

What you are asking is very hard to code (I would imagine at least.) and besides the fact, paint.NET isn't photoshop and isn't GIMP, it's its own program with a style all it's own.

And we get many many users attracted to Paint.NET daily, because it's simple to use, it's freeware, and it's supported very well.

If you really think that a few extra steps isn't worth it because the other programs are fancy and have way to many programmers than they need, go with them. But in the end we'll have more graphic arts structure because we know how to get around it.

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It's not that it's necessarily difficult to code, it just takes a lot of time. And we all know that time is money. I need money so that I can make ends meet: buy food, pay mortgage, pump gas, etc. My job gives me money, and takes a lot of my time in return. Therefore, I do not always have lots of time for working on Paint.NET. If you read the plans for Paint.NET v4.00 on the roadmap you'll see that I'm going in the direction of a new architecture that enables all sorts of things including soft brushes.

These are not excuses. Just the facts.

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