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Finding the center of canvas

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make a new 1 pixel canvas then go to image>canvas size and put in the measurements of your current canvas (make sure that its anchored in the middle) then hit CTRL+A to select all and then just copy and paste it on a new layer on your current canvas. I hope that made sense haha


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BTW on 800x600 the center isn't a pixel it's 4px

and you could use the mouse position in the both right corner.

So the center is



If you create a new micture 801x601, then the center is a unique pixel 400x300!

Not convinced? Try with small image 8x6 and 9x7

even vs odd sized pictures!

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Huh...now it works. I could have sworn that I was doing Canvas Size and that's why I was having problems...I dunno...perhaps it was early in the morning and I was being stupid...thanks Jake and Madjik for the quick responses...I'm sure this will help someone else out as well. :D

Ironically, I was working on a Jake2k style sig while trying to find the center... :lol:

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