Kaleidoscope your picture (update ymd:171210)

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I've installed this plugin, but can't seem to get it to work. It is installed and I can call up the plugin, but the effect does not work like the video below shows:


Skip to 2:10 to see the effect I am looking for.   The video takes a shape and uses this plugin to make exact copies.  




All I get when I do this is a second effect but my original is not copied at all  See my attached image.  All I want to do is take the triangle at the top and copy it around evenly like the gear tutorial on the youtube video.  My layer five looks like layer 


Help please?  


1 not working.png

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Now that you the triangle on Layer 3 the correct position, make a duplicate of Layer 3 and use the Layers/Rotate / Zoom with top slider of the Roll / Rotate set to 30 degrees leave all other settings at the default and click OK.
Next merge the two copies of Layer 3 and make a duplicate of the merged layers and rotate one of them 60 degrees and merge the two again. You get the point now.

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Unsure why your guidelines are positioned as they are. Your triangle needs to be at the side. Don't know why.😕

Kaleido1.png kaleido2.png

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