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I am seriously considering taking classes and working toward getting a degree in graphic design (or another closely related field). I haven't really looked into it too much but, I think that taking online classes may be the best route for me to go. The only one that I've really looked at so far is The Art Institute, anybody got some recommendations?


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Go for photography! All you need is a high quality camera, Adobe Lightroom, a couple of lenses, and a speedy computer. But you may not need any of those.

BTW, that Nikon D200 is one of the highest quality SLRs on the market. Lots of Megapixels for the money and it generates less noise. It's a better deal than you think.





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As a student of photography wouldn't someone be better just starting off with the Nikon D40/D50 or Nikon D70s/D80? I mean they are a little less expensive and it doesn't really mean all that less of features with the D70s/D80 compared to the D200 especially if they are just learning how to use a digital SLR. I mean no matter what Nikon SLR you choose though you can't really lose there is hundred of things you can get for it. Things you can get are from dozens of lenses, external flashes, and if you know where to look underwater encasements.

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I do have a Nikon N75, pretty nice for a basic 35mm SLR. It's been able to take some very nice photos with my inexperience. Once I do have the money to take the step towards a digital SLR, will most likely be a Nikon also. Thanks for the recommendations.

As far as schools, I started talking with a representative at The Art Institute and may be starting online classes there soon. Just glad that I am finally finding some direction towards a real career, it's only taken me 31 years. :wink:

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