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Needs to fill marked area with a picture, dont know how

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Hello ZySj, and to start with: Welcome to the forum!

For the stickerbomb skirt I believe this is the simplest way:

1. Paste the stickerbomb picture on a new layer above your picture with the car. (You can make new layers by pressing the buttons Ctrl-Shift-N on your keyboard.) 

2. Align the stickerbomb so it covers the skirt of the car by moving. (The moving tool  :MoveTool:  can be accessed by pressing M on your keyboard.)

3. Go to your layer with the car and select the skirt of the car with the magic wand tool  :MagicWandTool: . 

4. Return to the layer with the stickerbomb, invert the selection by pressing Ctrl-I and press the delete button.

5. Now you should have two layers: One with the car, and one with the stickerbomb picture cropped to fit the skirt. Press Ctrl-Shift-F to flatten the image.

Done, your picture is now one layer and the car skirt has a cool stickerbomb.


Hope this helps :)


Oh, because I am allergic to things I do not want to do. *Cough*

- Michael J. Caboose

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