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Hello all!

First of all: I like your product and see it as a real good graphic program.

I use paint.net in a Terminal Server environment. This implements a Server based user profile.

Paint.net stores the user settings in registry. The registry settings are stored in one ntuser.dat file. If a user has sessions open on two Servers and logoff from both but the last one that he logged of from is the one without paint.net. This overwrites the settings with the old profile.

This problem can be solved if the settings are stored in a configuration file in application data directory. If i see the source there is one class for all configuration work.

Is it posible to made such a change?

Thanks for your answers.

Best Regards


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Another vote for doing something with a classic ini file.

Also, there seem to be a bunch of settings that don't get preserved. In my case, specifically, I have multiple pictures that need to be adjusted then resized at 50% -- if the image - Resize would store the Resize value it would make life vastly simpler.

(As of now it looks like the Resize parameter resets every time -- if I close one photo, open another, from within the app, the Resize is back at 100%)

Thanks -- super program :)

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The whole point of using the registry is to avoid having to deal with locking and coherency on a disk based file. I will not be changing Paint.NET to use a disk file for user settings / configuration.

For the Resize situation you mention, markfm, keyboard shortcuts are your friend. To resize an image to 50%, use the following: Ctrl + R, Alt + B, 50, Enter.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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