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Will The New Paint.NET Come With Brush Sets?

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Sorry, this was just the second post in one day that referred to "the new Paint.NET" :)

The plan is for a future release to have a much more versatile brush system. But I don't have a schedule for this feature, as it's part of a large set of features that are all interrelated and so it's going to be a huge amount of work ... version 4 or 5, perhaps? We will see.

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Perhaps the polygonal select tool like in Photoshop? Or something similar. I don't know its actual name, but it's the one where you can click and make points that connect as the edges of the area you're selecting. Lasso tool is kind of tricky sometimes, and magic wand can be a bit of a shot in the dark at times. I've been making masks to select, which are very good, but that polygonal select tool is awesome sometimes.


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