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You know you're addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when...

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....when you forget Paint exists.

....when you fight someone because they called PDN stupid.

.....When you have nightmares, in which PDN is deemed illegal.

.....when you make up a dance called "Crank That Paint.NET"

.....when you think of weird titles, such as "Paint.NEAT"

......when you cry because custom brushes isn't working.

....When you spend time looking for the perfect wallpaper for the "Post Your Desktop"thread.


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...When your forum name is the same as your IRL name, ^.^


...When you open Paint.NET more then your standard browser.

...If everything you see gives you the urge to fix it graphically, like logo's on stores, which would look SO much better the a neat web 2.0 gloss over it...

...when you make up some reasons just to reply to someone's post in this thread. <_<

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Naw, I think you got it wrong.

My amount of use with PDN was ridiculous to a point where I was sitting in my computer the whole day tinkering with PDN so I HAD to stop for a while and learn how to draw because from the start, I only edited my drawings with Paint.NET until it came to a point where everything was PDN! Yes, it was fun but I wanted to take up illustration in college since that is my goal in life.

There you have it. lol sorry Ember I just had to.

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