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You know you're addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when...


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Right when you get home from school you go on paint.net and the forum, 5 hours later...."Hun, did you do your homework?" and you think to yourself, ooh, I forgot, I have the history window, and try to click up to the point before you got on the computer, slap yourself for your stupidity, and run to your backpack.

You get up at 6am on a perfectly good sleep-in weekend morning to go on paint.net.

You start making designs out of your mashed potatos and say, "hey, I should post this in the Pictorium", and you think, "oh, maybe I can take a picture then!"

You look at your mom with a lot of makeup on and say, wow mom, you really need to click that undo button!

When you are rushing to get on the school bus to get home, the bus driver immediatally says, "Rushin' to get on Paint.NET, huh?"

Your friends are getting jealous of Paint.NET.

Your parents buy you the full Photoshop collection, and you say, "Hey, can we make this 'birthday thing' quick, I'm waiting for a reply for my post on the Paint.NET forum"

You post before David.Atwell every single topic.

You always get the first post.

You take a day off of work to think of a new idea to post in the Pictorium.

You sit at this topic for a half-hour listing reasons why you're addicted to the Paint.NET forum.

For your birthday you ask for a laptop that you'll only use for Paint.NET, cuz you can make anything anywhere, it's portable!

For Mother's Day, you take a picture of your Mom and use the red-eye removal in Paint.NET and give it to her a present.

Every month you say to your parents, "I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!!" as you jump up and down. They ask why, and you say, "A new version of paint.net should be coming out soon!"

You have to do a project in MS Paint for computer class, and you ask, "What's MS Paint?"

You start having dreams about Paint.NET.

You wake up in the middle of the night and say, "Oh darnit, I have an idea for the Pictorium, but I'll probably forget it by morning!" so you go on the computer and spend a few hours making the picture, and once you've posted it on the Pictorium, it's morning.

You ask if you can be Paint.NET's spokesperson for a future commercial.


...well, those took awhile, lol.

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