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3 pictures to one and other stuff

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hi, im using paint.net for not to long but its a great program to work with,

i have adobe illustrator and adobe imageready, but damn, its a tough program to work with

i use this program because i like drawing a lot and face it, nowadays, people want good drawings, to the point exactly, so i have to use a pc to to correct everything *sigh* i like it more when its just pencil

(i talk to much)

here is my troubleshooting to you

I. i just drawed 3 pictures and now i have to get them together

only problem is the last picture (a kitty) has to overlap the letters (central)

how is the best way to do that, without to much messing around

II. the same drawing, i then have to reduce it to get it to the size of a banner, but i would preffer it if i dont lose pixels in the progress

i would appreciate it if you could help me

thx a lot

what can i say, im crazy

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Hey, if you like drawing in pencil, try ArtRage


^That's a quick example that I created^

One good thing about that program is that it's fast. Even on my slow computer, AR loads in seconds and doesn't freeze. Works great with tablets (except for the pencil).

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