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Need some professional help

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I am new to photoshop and Paint.NET stuff.

What I want to do is the following:

I am adapting a profile photo of someone by replacing their hair + forehead with someone else's. I've cut out the piece that I wanted and inserted as a new layer in my photo. The proportions are ok. But obviously the skincolour of my new forehead is to different. How can I change this colour kinda the same way as the face in my photo.

Can I do the following: Select a skincolour of the photo (with the colour picker) and use this colour for the new forhead (meaning Paint.NET will remember the old skincolour for each pixel on the forehead but change the base color to my new color)

eg. each pixel on the forehead will be x% 'brown' of the old base colour

I hope you understand my case. I know it must be possible, no?

thanx in advance

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You could have a look at some color(ing) plugins (for Paint.Net only):

Conditional Hue/Saturation Effect Available


Color Filter, Color Tint, Posterize, Threshold and more...


Color Balance


You may need to have the skin to modify on a separated layer...

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