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How to insert pictures into comments

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Ive been browsing through the forums for a while now.

But i dont understand how u have inserted pictures into the comments.

Ive just been leaving urls to pics ive done but id prefer to leave the actual image.

Anyone nice enough to share how to??

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1. The forum doesn't store any picture. That's why we(you) have to have the picts elsewhere and use IMG if you want it on the post (not URL).

2. Actual image? I hope you aren't talking about an image on your C drive. Put the image on the web. And use the IMG tag...

And search for IMG to find this:

How do the img tags work?


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The main reason i wanted to know was so i could show my sig i done in the novice sig tutorial.

Its not to bad.

By far the best thing ive ever done in PdN

How do you get it to show at the bottom of all your comments? do u put the img code into the sig part of your profile?

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