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PPM support and tutorial

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Hey, how 'bout a PPM file type? It's nearly useless outside of old-school DirectX object texturing, but it's such a simple format that it would be excellent to teach us Paint.NET newbies how to add new format support!

I second this motion, except for the "nearly useless" comment-- the netpbm series of programs (http://netpbm.sourceforge.net/) are useful command-line image manipulation utilities that have been available on Windows as well as Unix for years. I use this format all the time. I had been hoping to update my old version of Paint Shop Pro with Paint.NET instead, but this is one critical feature that is holding me back. The PPM formats are supported natively in Paint Shop Pro and by plug-in in Photoshop. Also, many third party image utilities utilize the format, such as the default GreyCstoration build (and BTW, I couldn't get the Paint.Net plugin for that to do anything-- goes through the motions with no change of the image, so I still use the original command line version which only does PPM format). These are quite easy to implement as there's no compression whatsoever, the PPM formats are supposed to be a real minimalist interchange format. It's also very easy to produce your own image hacks using this format as it's trivial to write programs for-- you can easily process PPM format files in virtually any programming language, even scripting ones like Perl.



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I second this, down to the "hoping to update Paint Shop Pro" part. The new Corel PSP is too complex for my needs and (probably as a result) too expensive.

I need PBM (particularly PPM) for my work. I will have to look for something else in the meantime, and will probably uninstall Paint.Net and, but I will check back periodically and see if someone has added support.

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Hi GregIthaca, welcome to the forum.

This thread is over five years old. It's dead and buried.

If you want to raise this subject again - please start a new thread. Thanks.


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