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Cutting corners

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Did you want to cut off the corners of the second flag? The bottom flag's corners would then show through.



Assuming I've understood your question correctly, here is an idea that might help you.


Layer One - Bottom flag (background)

Layer Two - Second Flag

Layer Three - Outline the Second flag.

On layer three, Make an outline by tracing along the inside edges of the areas you want of the second flag, and exclude the areas and parts you don't want. Be sure you make completed outlines.
While still on the outline layer, use the magic wand to select the unwanted areas.
Then click on the second flag layer and hit delete on your keyboard.

You can see examples of the outlining concept in these tutorials. I realize these tutorials are about removing backgrounds, but the idea of outlining can be use to cut out and remove almost any unwanted parts of an image.






And here is a thread that talked about outlining.


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As this is not a tutorial, I am moving it to General Discussions.

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