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I'm kinda Sick of Adobe PDF Acrobat

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There are a few alternatives.

I use my browser (Firefox) to display PDF files. Its pretty good.

In the past I've used Sumatra PDF http://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader.htmlIts free, lightweight and simple to install & use.

To create PDFs I use DoPDF http://www.dopdf.com/This is a virtual print driver which allows you to 'send' a document to the DoPDF driver where it is saved as a PDF. Very cool.

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I really want to thank both of you for replying. I have those two, now. Much better. Jurisdiction for doPDF is in Romania, go figure, not that it matters one way or the other. I just thought that was interesting. I'm one of the nerds who reads before installing...for fun. It's a nerd thing.

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Why the heck does adobe reader need to many ******** updates every ******** week!!!


I swear, as a student i have enough active programs already, i don't need more porgrams to ******** restart my computer everyday just because your stable platform of adobe sucks. The worst part about adobe's updates, are the following:



1) it is huge UPDATES (30mbs+), if I were to download the adobe reader from your site right now, it is less than the update package. Hows does that even make sense.


2) It feels the need to be important and restart your computer every time it updates.


3) Why does Adobe Reader even need so many updates, if there is constant client problems, than I think you should release a stable client all at once.



I will not use this PDF reader ever again. There is better PDF readers out there, that don't waste people's time on updates.



p.s. mounting a complain on this site also sucks. Has anyone tried to click on the product feedback page? it is like they don't want you to complain about their products.  <snip!>

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