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How Can I Do Something Similar

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Here's a plugin that should do the trick for dropping shadows, and as to rounding off corners, I would...

1. Add a new layer

2. Draw a rounded rectangle (shortcut 'O') to the desired shape and size on the new layer

3. Use the magic wand to select the inside


4. Invert selection

5. Move to picture and delete


4. Crop to selection (Ctrl-Shift-x)

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Here's a quick way I do shadow with out using any plugins.

While doing the box with rounded corners to crop the picture select the box and on a new layer Shadow fill in the selection with black.

Then just use the gaussian blur on the new layer to create the shadow maybe around 12 or so.

Then move the layer so it is off set from you image to create the drop shadow effect.

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