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Theming Paint.net

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Hey Everyone


I honestly am not sure if this is the correct area or not. I have been using Paint.Net for years. I took a break from it for awhile and used CS6. For various reasons I no longer have access to that set of tools and I am looking for which open source / freeware photo editing software to make my "home". I really do like the plugin/support for Paint.net and the community which has always followed it.


My big issue here is now that I have been with the "Gold Standard" for so long I am used to that black on black which does not interrupt the image I am working with. I am curious if Paint.net has the support currently or if there is any way that it could be worked on for future updates to allow community based themes of the application.


I would really appreciate a more neutral color base than the grey/white of the current themes. I just get so drawn away from my image. I understand if this is something that cannot be done, if so however, I would very much appreciate it.

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Currently, paint.net has two color schemes:


I do not believe there are any immediate plans to add additional themes.


Hey Boltbait,


Thanks for the quick reply. I was aware of this feature. I honestly am not sure the point of changing the one strip from blue/white.


What or is there a process to request this officially? My only other issue is that I cannot open RW2 as there are no plugins I have found. But that I can deal with since I use RawTherapee. Anyways sorry for the tangent.


(Also thanks for the plugin pack, I was using it when you first released it!)

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The only way I can think of Paint.NET having a black or gray background is that if a third-party Windows theme is installed that makes every opened window with the same color scheme and overrides the background color settings of those applications. I do not like using such third party themes.


However, I do think it would be of no harm if a future version of Paint.NET gets a native black or gray color scheme but its not very likely. I have used a program called Foxit Reader for PDFs and it has an option to change the color scheme to Blue, Yellow, Purple or Black.

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The paint.net developer is Rick Brewster. He reads most of what goes on on the forum.


The fact that you have 1. started an appropriately titled thread and 2. made a perfectly reasonable request, I'm sure Rick will see it. Now whether it will be implemented is another story entirely  :D

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