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Layers Auto Scrolling When Adding or Duplicating.

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Layers Auto Scrolling When Adding or Duplicating.


I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not a fan of the layer window's auto scrolling when a new layer is added or a layer is duplicated. I have been wanting to mention this for a while, and am now finally doing so, since I'm working on something with a lot of layers again, and the tediousness of re-adjusting which layers I can see isn't being very fun. Also, there is another thread that has popped up of a similar issue, and so seeing that thread I thought I would speak up and explain my issue.
I understand if there is nothing that can be done about the layers auto scrolling, but just in case it is something that can be looked into, I wanted to mention it.
Read below for further details...

When you have a lot of layers, then add a new layer or duplicate a layer, the layers window automatically scrolls. The layers of my current attention get bumped out of sight, as the newly added layer automatically scrolls to the position of being at the bottom of the layers window. If you are working with a specific group of layers among many layers, it gets tedious to have to re-position what layers are visible (on-screen). I could understand if the layers scrolled a little bit to adjust to a newly inserted layer, but that's not what happens, the layers do quite a large jump and I end up viewing almost a completely different group of layers.
Because of this auto scrolling when adding layers, I honestly miss the functionality of paint.net 3.5.11's layer window.

This seems like it would be an easy issue to replicate for anyone who wanted to know what I'm talking, but I feel like I'm not explaining very well, so here are some screen captures to help demonstrate...
Using a brush set as an example, here is Picture One, and the layers of my attention are 8 - 12 out of 20.

In Picture Two I added a new layer above Layer 11, this caused the layers window to automatically scroll in PDN 4.0+.
In 4.0+, Layer 21 is at the bottom of the layers window due to the auto scroll, and I am now looking at the new layer (layer21) and layers 12 - 15.
In 3.5.11, Layer 21 was added and I am still viewing most of the group of layers that I want to view, and a nice sandwich of layer 11, the new layer(21), and layer 12.

Layers_Window_Add_Layer_Auto_Scroll_2.jp    Layers_Window_Add_Layer_Old_PDN.jpg

For PDN 4.0+, the same auto scrolling happens when you duplicate a layer.
You go from this...
To this....
(The newly added layer automatically scrolled to the bottom of the layers window. I would like to be looking at the original Layer 11 and the duplicated layer 11, but adding the duplicate caused the original Layer 11 to be scrolled out of sight.)
Here is 3.5.11...

In PDN 4.0+, I have to fix which layers are in view every time I add a new layer or duplicate a layer. This unfortunately gets tedious rather quickly.




Thank you for your time and for reading this. :)

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I understand and I too get lost amongst my layers when the group I'm working on suddenly move to the bottom and out of sight.


My simi-fix is to stretch the layer window up as far as  possible. I also work some elements separately from the main picture which can create it's own problems.


Would be nice if things would stay put. :)




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