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Image Shack or Photobucket?

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Well, I used ShapeMaker and wanted to offer a small zip file of what I made in case anyone wants to use them.


I read if you want to display an image, for instance, an image to show what the zip file contains, to load images up at ImageShack or Photobucket. I also read how some have a certain amount of space here for such uploading?


I have been looking for a thread that explains about uploading zip files to no success but I did find one for images. What have any of you found to be the easiest way to recommend?


Should I just upload and link to/from Dropbox? Images and zips cannot be linked from another website a person made/owns?


I can't find any thread that explains uploading zip files. (I know about zips and uploading, I just wanted to make sure I read the policy about that.)


Any suggestions or input would be appreciated and thank you.

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Sorry, I can't help you with the zips and uploading file stuff, as I don't know how either.


However, for uploading pictures, I have been using this website due to it's simplicity : http://postimg.org/

-- You don't need to log in at that site to upload things, but I highly recommend logging in, so that way you can return to your uploaded images and even delete them if you wish to. Uploading without logging in may lead to regrets at later times.

-- The website according to it's FAQ doesn't delete images after any time frame.

-- And if I remember right, it lets you upload pretty big images too.


I personally liked Photobucket since it didn't delete pictures after a certain amount of time, but clicking on pictures that are hosted at photobucket takes people to your photobucket album instead of just viewing the stand-alone picture. I don't really like that, since I know for me, photobucket is laggy thanks to all it's clutter, and I feel bad sending people there if they lag too.


Image Shack used to be free, but I don't think it is anymore, so I can't say much about it.


A lot of people like imgur, but if images aren't viewed after a certain amount of time, then the images get deleted (unless they changed their policies).

If images get deleted, then the image links of the images get broken, and then the images will be gone/broken in places where they were posted/shared. (for example, see the tutorial graveyard.)

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Hi Scrapbook (and CC4).

1. Right click on your desktop, select new, then folder. Call it say "ScrapbookShapes".
2. Go to paint.net/Effects and select and copy the shapes you've created.
3. Paste these into the new folder you made.
4. Right click on the folder and choose 'Send to' then 'Compressed(Zipped)Folder'.The icon should change and the name will end in '.zip.
5. Login to the forum and start a new thread in Plugins-Publishing Only/Shapes.
6. At the bottom of the editing window select the 'more reply options' button you should then see an upload button.
7. You navigate to your zipped folder (on desktop) and 'attach to post' then 'add to post'. (If I remember correctly :roll:  ).

8. You can always use 'Preview post' before clicking 'publish' to check things.

Good luck! - it's easier than it sounds! ;)

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Thanks Red! I don't have any files to zip at the moment, but now I have an idea of what to do when the time comes. :)


However, about the uploading part, doesn't uploading directly to the forums eat up some sort of storage space? I thought all users had a limited amount of space they could use for uploading things like pictures, files, etc, and to avoid using that up most people will upload and host else where, and then link to the hosting website of their uploaded content.


I know where to upload pictures and I know picture hosting sites, but I don't know anything about uploading files to hosting sites, or any good sites for that, or safe sties either.

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doesn't uploading directly to the forums eat up some sort of storage space?

Probably but shape xaml files are tiny compared to images. You can review your upload space in your personal settings I believe.

I've uploaded many plugins without running low on space but if I attached images directly I would soon run out.

Just remember to 'zip' files before uploading or the forum doesn't (shouldn't) accept them.


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Nice explanation Red.

To see and/or manage your forum attachments, click on your username in the top right corner. Select 'My Settings' from the mini-menu. Then Attachments from the left hand menu.

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Very good, thank you to all of you who have assisted. So, we do attach our files/images via "My Settings" in the mini menu...then we go to the appropriate forum page and in the right thread, we can upload our files within the typing text area that I am typing this post on? Correct? Perhaps clicking on that red and white thing in upper right-ish area that says "Options" when mouse rests on it?

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For what I am understanding and have seen/explored....

Upload Files.

When you want to upload a file...

1) You can "Start New Topic", or if you are replying to a thread, click on "More Reply Options".
2) Under the text/edit box you will see where it says "Attach Files".
3) Browse for the file you want.
4) When you have what you want to upload, click "Attach This File".
5) A bar will show up just above the "Attach Files" text. The bar will have the name of your file and the options to "Add to Post" or "Delete". Click in the text/edit box of where you want the file attached, such as at the bottom or top of your post. Then choose "Add to Post".
6) "Preview Post".
7) If everything looks good, click "Post New Topic" or "Add Reply".


Manage Files.

For what EER was talking about, you can "manage" these attachments in your User Settings.


When logged into the forums, look at the top right of your screen.

You will see your User Name. Click it.

Then Click "My Settings".

Look for "Manage Attachments" to see what you have uploaded, or to delete things, or to see your available space.



If you need pictures/screen captures, let me know. :)

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