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Abrupt hang/lag/stall during 4.0.6 install


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Longtime lurker, first time poster -- I've had Paint.NET for several months but only recently began to get myself comfortable with the program's full functionality. Kudos for such a great graphics program that isn't too simple or too complex. I hate to bug the developers with problems on this, because I know from my own failure that programming is difficult and that supplying technical support is no fun for anyone, but unfortunately, I am running into some installation issues and was hoping I could recieve some assistance.


I have read through the FAQ thread, the "INSTALL TROUBLE' thread, etc. as advised, but haven't found a solution -- I am working with Windows 10, upgraded in August on a Windows 8 laptop, and I believe I should therefore have the latest .NET Framework. I tried searching the forum but didn't find an ideal thread. It's possible my terminology


Paint.NET worked fine until a week or two ago when I was advised to update the program to the latest version 4.0.6. -- the installer opens fine, uninstalls the previous version and quickly gets through most of the installation until it begins to hang. I recieve no error message and no further progress is made. I have tried switching between custom and express settings and restarting installation a few times to no avail.


Here's an image from the installer of where it begins to hang/lag.


Sorry again for bugging you guys -- all input & tips are appreciated.

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