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Create Images for Homepage -> Text over Picture

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Layers, layers, layers! :D


Place your image on the lowest layer and the text on a layer above. Save it as a PDN to preserve the layer structure. Then use File > Save As.... to save the image in the format you need.


At any time you can reopen the PDN image and change the lowest layer image. As you're only changing the lowest layer, the upper layer will stay the same.

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Use a third layer. Stack them this way...



Colored bar

Background image

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Seems the size of the color bar would depend on the size of the text.

The color bar should be made separately on the layer below the type.


Or find a font that has a surrounding color.


For instance: http://www.dafont.com/djb-sticky-tape-labels.font?fpp=100


Save a copy in PDN format to make changes later if needed. What Ego said.





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but how can i get the color bars behind the text in the perfect length?

It must have some dynamic way...


This can be done programmatically in .NET.  You can use MeasureString() to get the dimensions of the text, and use those dimensions to draw a filled rectangle.

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