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Issues with Transparent Background

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Hi All,


I was able to do this a couple of weeks ago, but I am not sure why this is not the case now. I first would click on the magic wand and then click on the image (.png) background. Then I would press delete. Before it would become checkered and transparent, but now it turns black. Is there someone that would be able to help with this?




Alvin Tai

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For some image magic wand may not work. You should create clipping path first with the name "path 1" 8fkVYO3.jpg?1
then select the path by pressing cntr+click path (image will be look like the above image.
after you can give feather (0.3) by pressing cntrl+alt+d
then press cntr+j and turn off the background off JEfOL1S.jpg?1
and save it .png formate
You are done. I think thi is easier.
Thank you.
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