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do u know the name of this plugin?

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I downloaded the megalo pack and found an effect I liked, and then had to remove it all.  Now I'm trying to figure out the name of the plugin.  It was in a category of effects that is alphabetically before artistic.  It reacted to a picture, putting a bunch of squiggly or melted little black shapes all around the lines of the picture.  Can u help?



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It almost sounds like you are talking about Ink Scetch. But, that's a built-in effect, at least it is if you have paint.net 3.5.11 or paint.net  4.0+.


You can see a list of the original effects paint.net has here : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/EffectsArtisticMenu.html


Minor Edit:

Perhaps what you are wanting is the Contour plugin by Red Ochre? It's part of his plugin pack. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/22500-red-ochre-plug-in-pack-v9-updated-30th-july-2014/

It has a color ability, allowing you to have color or black shapes.


If you can try and describe what you are looking for more, perhaps I can make some more suggestions. In the mean time, maybe this will help you....


A while back EER put together a category plugin list for me (plugins organized by category). Below is a list of the Artistic Effects from it, you can find all the plugins listed in it in the plugin index.


Effects > Artistic

Alpha to Dots | Author: davidf | Topic: 25473

AutoChroma | Author: MadJik | Topic: 7186

Cartoonize | Author: AhmedElyamani | Topic: 25275

Cobweb | Author: Red Ochre | Topic: 27296

Contour | Author: Red Ochre | Topic: 22500

Dot Plugin | Author: davidf | Topic: 25461

Dream | Author: BoltBait | Topic: 8318

Find Edges | Author: Simon Brown | Topic: 9387

Ink Sketch | Author: BoltBait | Topic: 3474

InkSketch+ | Author: AhmedElyamani | Topic: 25275

Line Tracer | Author: TechnoRobbo | Topic: 26571

Mosaic Effect - v1.0.0.0 | Author: Tim! | Topic: 14354

Mosaic Maniac (Collage Paint) | Author: MosaicManiac | Topic: 14969

Pastel/Water Color | Author: BoltBait | Topic: 2045

Psychedelic | Author: romein | Topic: 8475

Rainbow | Author: spongey437 | Topic: 5975

Reticulation effect | Author: ReMake | Topic: 30128

Scribble | Author: Red Ochre | Topic: 27426

Splatter v1.5 | Author: pyrochild | Topic: 8502

Stencil | Author: jchunn | Topic: 8410

Stipple | Author: davidf | Topic: 25637

Texturize effect | Author: MichaelVinther | Topic: 14278

Toggle Alpha Channel | Author: wbeard52 | Topic: 30207

Toon Shader | Author: Smoke_Dev420 | Topic: 15306

TR's Brush Strokes | Author: TechnoRobbo | Topic: 31402

TR's Color Wave | Author: TechnoRobbo | Topic: 31420

TR's DoodleMatic | Author: TechnoRobbo | Topic: 27154

Tweak edges | Author: Red Ochre | Topic: 22500

Vignette1 | Author: sradforth | Topic: 17732

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If it was in Artistic I'd go with either Cobweb or maybe Scribble.


A menu before Artistic would probably be Advanced, thought there is Anaglyphs, Animation and Adjustment. We're going to need a bit more info. Do you have an example of the effect you can post?

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That rotten pirate site has copied the really old 'beta' versions of Contour and Psychocolour, which I developed under the 'Advanced' menu. So could be Contour, or 'myContour' as it was posted in Dev central. Then again could be anything?


I see they are claiming to support the Red cross/crescent now! :( ... there must be some way to take that site down?


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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I noticed I read your question wrong after I posted, but the plugin you described still sounded like something that might be from the artistic category, and since the plugin you spoke of is from a source of old plugins, I thought the updated version of what you want might be found in the artistic category. If contour is the plugin you are looking for, then my guess was right.


If that's not the plugin you want, we'll keep trying to help you find what you do want. :)

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I can't believe none of you told the cubsterky the usual " Don't download plugins from Megalo, it's a virus site"  and give them this link;   http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28270-megalo-virus/



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But they knew to remove them all....

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