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Welcome to the forum!


It would be better to go for the 3.5.11 version which is the last one of the 3.5 series. Here's the relevant download link: http://filehippo.com/es/download_paint.net/15781/


Consider that not all plugins are compatible with PdN 3.5.11, especially not all the newer ones. I have compiled a few to make them compatible (when I've been able to, since I'm not a professional coder), and then you have some of our expert plugin coders who often contribute plugins compatible with both 3.511 and 4.0, so check the corresponding plugin threads to make sure.


Best of lucks!

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Also keep in mind that you won't be able to seek any support for 3.5.11 on this forum. It's nothing personal, we just don't have the time to troubleshoot a version with bugs that (in most cases) have already been fixed.


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