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Auto trace / vector / transparency - (Black and whiting a photo for t-shirt print)

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I'm trying to follow this guide and reproduce these results, with Paint Shop Pro 5.0 (yes, ... 5) and Paint.NET



I'm getting close but when I transparent the image with the alpha mask and upload to my shirt printing site, there's still.. "white levels" or something in the image? it looks wrong on certain coloured shirts.

I'm going to assume, I need to be producing a transparent PNG file with ONLY BLACK pixels of varying size? Similar to newspaper print?

(See the guys very last pic in the tutorial)


What am I doing  wrong?


You can clearly see in this pic, only one colour (a very bright one) will reduce the visible screwup on my behalf.



Sorry for all these questions, I really am - my graphical skills are nigh on zero :(


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You can save your image as a PNG file. With this format you can choose to save or not the background color.


But before doing that you can use Two tone threshold udjustment effect to remove any traces of white.



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My aplogies I had (very little) idea what I was doing last night, a bit more now.

My new (hopefully final) issue, is the plugin I'm using to apply the halftone effect is applying the effect in black white AND GREY.  I need (or would strongly prefer) that it is literally ONLY black blocks of varying sizes, literally a 2 colour only image.


Am I doing something wrong?

I believe I'm using the one supplied here.


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