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Positioning, sizing prints on paper.

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say I have a .jpg of whatever size. I want to rotate it and make it 8.25 inches wide (which when rotated is really the height of the picture) and place it at the top of an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper so it fits on the paper, Then next week I want to take another picture and put it four inches from the top so I can get two pictures on a piece of paper. 

I printed one picture on my new printer and I rotated it but it printed vertically. Don't want to complain, but Photoshop Elements that came with my old printer made this really easy. Click .>page setup<  then type in the print size and 2.5 in. from the top and 1.32 inches from the left. You didn't have to resize the .jpg. I can resize the .jpg but can I place it anywhere on the paper?

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OK, I don't know if this falls under paint.net, but now I need a way to tell the printer what paper to use. I can print a picture smack dab in the middle of the paper with the printer software and select paper, or use the above plug in to position the print but not select paper. 

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