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Tartan v1.5.2 (Jan 3, 2019)

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Hi @toe_head2001


I'm running into a little problem when using 'Tartan'.  I'm at 125% dpi and it's cutting off some things in the UI.




The checkbox for 'Use Horizontal set for Vertical' is completely covered up, as you can see above, and the UI doesn't expand.


Can this be fixed?  Thank you!

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1 hour ago, toe_head2001 said:



Thank you very much, toe!  ?

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@toe_head2001  Works great now.


I have a question.  I was trying to replicate a pattern I saw on the internet.  This is much harder than I thought.


 Referring to your example xml for the wvu-tartan, why is the order of the lines so important?  I see if I change the order of one line, it completely changes the pattern.


Can you explain how the plugin goes about placing the lines?



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Okay @toe_head2001 ,  I was having a senior moment.

I was trying to figure it out using the example tartan pattern you uploaded in Post #1.

I then realized you cropped the image. (you even stated that you did...duh!)

Once I replicated the pattern using your xml file, I was able to see exactly how this works.

TIP:  Don't get old.  ?


Now I should be able to replicate other patterns easily...

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2 hours ago, welshblue said:

... well get old but not have senior moments ? ( I'm including myself as having those too lynxster')


Yeah, I felt really stupid after I realized I spent all weekend trying to figure it out using the cropped image!  ?

No wonder toey didn't reply to my question....he was waiting for me to figure it out myself...


2 hours ago, welshblue said:

Just started playing with this again and I love the many different results you can get.


I seem to be on a 'sewing' spree and loving it.  It's a welcome break from my stained glass!

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5 hours ago, MJW said:

(That reminds me to update my comment to include the image that was lost due to the PhotoBucket problems.)


Thanks, MJW for restoring those images.  ?


5 hours ago, LionsDragon said:

using both Noise and Frosted Glass gives kind of a "flannel" effect.


I'll have to try that. Thanks, LD!  <3

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