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New Feature: Add Edit Tags, Description Info

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Try the layer properties (right of the layers window) Type what ever info you want to in the box.


I'm pretty sure RCM is referring to Exif metadata.


I don't always use Exif metadata, but when I do, I use the File Properties dialog in Windows Explorer.

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The $64,000 question is: Why would one want to edit the exif data of an image?


EXIF data can include things like copyright tags.

Additionally IPTC and XMP metadata allows for inclusion of additional data (Description, Source, etc) used in professional publishing.


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Yes, I know about what exif metadata is and what info it holds. I often check the exif data on pictures I took to see which lens I used, F-stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc. There are many ways to strip or edit exif data. I'm curious as the the reason why the OP wants to do that?


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There are many reasons I can think of to need EXIF or other metadata editing tools; color space and embedded copyright info are two I can think of off the top of my head.  The thing is, they're all edge cases and (from my experience with PdN development) unlikely to make it into the program.


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A metadata editor would be useful, sure, and I wanted to add one a long time ago. It never made the cut though because it's just not important enough, and it's also a lot more complicated than you might think. EXIF isn't as simple as you might expect.


And while the APIs for working with it have become more general purpose, they've also become much more complicated. Case in point: 









In summary, you're much better off using another program for this. Someone else will have already dealt with this nightmare and made things work correctly and debugged it.

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