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Grass texture


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Grass texture


We will make this grass texture:



Plugin you will need - Splinter Ed Harvey Effects

1. First, create a new image.

The image size must be a little more than you need the texture size, because the edges will be cropped.

The edges of the texture will be little unnatural.

Apply standard effect Clouds.


2. Create a copy of the layer.

Apply to the top layer the effect Crystalize.


3. Create a copy of the top layer.

Set the blend mode of the top layer as "Xor".

You should see a completely black background.

Now you have three layers.


4. Select the contents of the top layer.

With the keyboard arrow keys, move the layer one pixel up and one pixel right or left.

Merge the top layer down.

Now you have two layers.


5. Apply to the top layer plugin Splinter.


6. You can paint the texture in a green color using a different correction.


7. The color of the grass looks unnatural.

Use the bottom layer with the clouds.

Move it up, above the layer with the grass texture.

Set the property clouds layer as "Overlay".


flag.gifDescription of this tutorial in Russian - texture grass.

P.S. For some people it may seem that the grass is too straight, like a fir needle.

In this case I can advise to use distortion effects. For example, Dents or SinnWaves, or other to your taste.

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That's a very nice effect xmario. Thank you for posting it.

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