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Save RGB TIFF without alpha channels?

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Perhaps this is possible and I just haven't figured out how to do it yet, but I'd like to save TIFF files without the alpha channel. I'm using ImageJ to do some measurements on my images, and if I run anything through Paint.NET it seems to save in a TIFF format that ImageJ can't read (it doesn't like samples_per_pixel=4, ie RGB+alpha). I can fix this by opening in photoshop (on another computer) and re-saving, unchecking the "Save Alpha Channels" box. My guess is that Paint.NET is automatically adding some alpha channel to all saved TIFF images (which ImageJ won't open). Is is possible to turn this off? I haven't found any place that gives options for TIFF saving (such as compression, including alpha channels, etc). Thanks for any help...

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