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Suggestion for the Gear icon When Selecting "Tools"

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I looked to see where a place for suggestions went before posting this. I did a search using "Suggestions". This thread was all I could come up with so here is my suggestion....and I know these things take time.


When one clicks on that gear icon in the top right corner of PDN and then when the box opens if one clicks on "TOOLS", I guess that's just for the "Tool Window" but somewhere within that whole pop up box, even before clicking on "Tools" can one have a place where they custom set the layout size of the canvas when PDN first opens up? Can there be a way to set it to, say, first open up using 12" x 12", as an example?




when PDN first opens, can there be yet another option added to the pop up box when one clicks on "New", so that, as an option, a box can be checked and it can be set to start the blank canvas to a designated size?



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That idea sounds like it could be more of an annoyance than a help. When you first open PDN or use the New option both pop up a box that gives you all the options you need for sizes and more. I am so used to inputting sizes that it's second nature to me now. 



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