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Pressing The Delete Button Fills Selection, Instead Of Deleting Selection

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Hello, does anyone know what is going wrong? Once I have selected an area, and I press delete, it fills the selection with the color black. I am still able to go up to the edit tab and click "Delete Selection" but I dont understand why it wont let me do it with the delete button, it even says the shortcut is delete button when I drop down the edit tab.


Can someone please help?



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wow i sincerely appologize

I just realized I was hitting the backspace button, not the delete button, I didnt know there was a difference, sorry for the inconvenience, thanks anyways.

Sounds like you pressed the Backspace key instead of the Delete key.

The Backspace key is used to fill the current selection with the primary color. Shift-Backspace fills with the secondary color.

Thanks, I just realized this xD

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