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ClipDisplace Smoothing update 31/12/2015

Red ochre

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Back with a quickie, though I'm not quite sure what to call it scratch_one-s_head.gifPerhaps a disintegrating embossed plaque, or such a plaque hit by bullets, or maybe an embossed stone that had a bad day! meeting.gif


Not sure, but I like the way this plugin destroys a text in a few steps Laie_98.gif



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I have updated the "ClipDisplace" .dll (the one for Pdn 4) only.

It is now called ClipDisplaceAA and now has smoothing to avoid that pixelly or 'jaggy' appearance at large displacements.

Please NOTE: This will probably only work on Pdn 4.0.8 or later.

Also, since I have changed the name, you will have to manually delete the original .dll called just "ClipDisplace".

MJW very kindly gave me the code for how to do this. Please give him a 'rep' point if you find this update useful!

See the difference between smoothed and non-smooothed below.


The version for Pdn 3.5.11 remains unaltered and does not have smoothing or transparency (sorry).

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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