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Vista screenshot all-in-1 pack!

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About 3 hours ago, I decided to make a tut on how to make XP screenshots into Vista. But after a while, that changed to just posting a window. Then I thought of other things that you couldn't do with a normal screenshot. So it eventually came to this: The Ultimate Vista Tut-Window-text-Transparency-Thing.

This kit contains [almost] everything you need to make Vista screenshots (notice I didn't say "Vista-like").


12 Layers-O-Fun

Transparent window (duh)

Test background

Big red "X" by itself (you can use it for the "Properties" windows)

All three buttons together

Inactive buttons (both of the above)

A sorry attempt at the window Drop Shadow

Mini tutorial on how to make the text on the Title Bar correctly

And much much more (kinda :D)!

Click on the picture to download!


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Here is the OK/Cancel/Whatever button used on Vista. I'm posting this because you can't get it in an icon set. If you don't know how to remove the center line, you don't deserve to be using Paint.NET


I'll try to get the edges transparent later on.


Click on the teaser image to get the real transparent picture!


What? I just like doing the green background :P

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