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SubLCD v1.2 (Jan 9, 2016)

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This is a usability update of @xrl's original SubLCD resize plugin. See changelog below.

Adjustments -> SubLCD



On 1/15/2008 at 10:10 PM, xrl said:

...plugin based on the SubLCD algorithm by Kim Øyhus. ... It's useful if you want to display your images in a LCD/Plasma screen as it gives the appearance of a little more resolution. It's what's used to render fonts nowadays. For more information check:


Example Images

Before (Actual and Zoomed-in)


After (Actual and Zoomed-in)




v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Jan 9, 2016)

  • Fixed: Now works properly on selections (for real this time). Rectangular selections worked, but non-rectangular did not.
  • Fixed: Now works when run from the 'Plugin Browser'

v1.1 by toe_head2001 (Oct 9, 2015)

  • New: Pre-resize and post-crop are no longer necessary. Simply run the plugin.
  • New: Now works properly on selections

v1.0 by xrl (Jan 15, 2008)

  • Initial release





Source Code

Edited by toe_head2001
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