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Open with --> Paint.NET


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having lost the old computer to lightning, I now have H P with windows 8.1 -- the old one with

windows xp, Paint.net and Picasa was a joy to use. I downloaded Paint.net today thinking it would work with Picasa but so far no luck. Is there something else to do to get it going?

 On the old one when I click on a picture in Picasa to '' open with '' it would show a window with paint,paint.net, and a couple other places BUT on this one when I click on '' open with '' all it shows is paint  and windows, which does not work with e-mail.

  Thanks for any help.

        elh :music: :music: :music: :music:

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Right click your picture, find Open With. At the bottom of the fly out there should be "Choose default program", click that and it will take you to the Open with. Again at bottom click on Browse. Finally, that will take you to Program Files. Open the Paint.NET folder and click on PaintDotNet. That will open your image and it will add Paint.Net to the list of Open With programs.


Hope this works for you.

Need pictures? I can add screenshots


Sorry Oceana didn't know you were posting too. :D

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I like to put program shortcuts in my Right-Click "Send To" option. You can put PDN and Picassa in there, then right-click on an image and send it to PDN or Picassa.


For Win8.1, you'll find the Send To folder in:




This also works for Win7 and Win10. They use the same location.

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