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ArgusMagnus' Plugin Pack (2018/10/19)

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You can download all my plugins from here:!AoTkGO_MFp9CoOlMDloruoTbePt2Dw

(If you are worried about downloading *.dll files, download the whole folder and OneDrive will zip the files up for you)



Remove a background Color from your selection to make it (semi-)transparent


Effects->Transforms->Fast Fourier Transform

Effects->Signal Processing->High/Low/Band Pass Filter


Effects->Stylize->Edge Detect+

Recolor the edges in your selection and make the rest transparent



Render various barcode formats (e.g. QR-Codes)


FileTypes->App Icon Set

Saves an image scaled to various resolutions in a structure inside a zip file suitable to be used for app (Android/iOS) development

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I've updated my plugins to be a) v4.1.* compatible and b) completely self-contained (one dll file, no dependencies). The plugin behavior is unaltered. When updating, remove all Argus*.dll files first.


Also, there is one new effect (Barcode renderer) and one new filetype (app icon set).

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