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ArgusMagnus' Plugin Pack (2015/09/25)

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You can download all my plugins from here:!339757&authkey=!AJ0aYSIXTh_4Jhs&ithint=folder%2ctxt

(If you are worried about downloading *.dll files, download the whole folder and OneDrive will zip the files up for you)


Effects->Colors->Reverse Blend

Remove a background Color from your selection to make it (semi-)transparent


Effects->Transforms->Fast Fourier Transform

Effects->Signal Processing->High/Low/Band Pass Filter



Apply a convolution kernel to your selection


Effects->Stylize->Edge Detection (Argus)

Recolor the edges in your selection and make the rest transparent



The above linked OneDrive folder also contains the source, see the ReadMe.txt for details about the License and how to set it up



I'm a developer, not an artist, if I were to make icons for my effect, I would only ridicule myself. Is there anyone interested in creating icons for my effects?

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